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Ocean Freight

Scope of Services :


  • Overbrengen
  • Receiving, Delivery, Mechanic
  • Stripping

CFS Consolidation

  • We help you to prepare your export and import shipment from various suppliers or deliver to various buyer in Indonesia

Full Container Load

General Cargo and Perishable
  • We offer various liners to suit your schedule with competitive pricing

Less Container Load (LCL)

  • For smaller shipments, we offer consolidation shipment with the most reliable schedule and competitive pricing

Multimodal Transport Solutions for Domestics and International

  • Choose the most reliable shipment mode easily through combination of shipment via air, sea, and inland

Global Trade Management

  • Simplify shipment coordination between supplier, buyer and paying party through our excellent network

Full Container Load (FCL)

Why Choose FCL ?

Larger Volume

FCL service option is very suitable for customers who want to ship their goods by ocean service in large volume faster. This is because, in FCL service, there is no additional consolidation process so that your goods can be sent directly to your warehouse.


FCL shipment can be used for large quantities of goods at once. In addition, this shipping option can also be used for dangerous goods shipment and other goods that require special handling services.

Low Container Load (LCL)

Get the best rates for your shipment to all around the world with LCL services.

Why Choose LCL ?

Cost Saving

LCL shipment is suitable for customers who want to ship their goods in medium quantity by ocean services. This will give a lot of advantages because the rates given is cheaper.

Easy to Load & Unload

The medium volume make customer can do the loading/ unloading process in an easier way.

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