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Digital Freight Forwarder

The global economy is accelerating at the fastest pace ever recorded in history. People across the globe are now connected with one another 24/7; putting international trade at a higher demand than ever before. It is important for Indonesia, as one of the biggest developing nations, to be on pace with the speedy growth and dominate the ever growing Industry.

As a digital freight forwarder, Andalin is committed to bridge the existing gap that has been a major hurdle for Indonesia SMEs in going global. Through the introduction of our advanced operating system, we have simplified the complicated process of global export and import to encourage Indonesia SMEs to have a bigger presence in the international market.

What Makes Us Different

Digital Freight Forwarder

Unified Platform

Less than
24 Hours

Cheaper &
Clear Cost
User-Friendly Platform
Real Time


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Track & Trace

57 - 101 Hours
Only 40 %
Unexpected Cost
Tedious Emails
Not Available

Conventional Freight Forwarder

Andalin’s platform and service allow you to have a significant impacts in
reducing your operation cost and increasing your productivity!

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